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Best Informational Video for Banners Broker

Complete Informational Video for Banners Broker, watch and listen until the end.


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Banners Broker World Tour - Manchester - UK

The Banners Broker World Tour will be held in Manchester from February 22nd through the 24th at the "De Veres" Hotel, connected to the state-or-the-art Reebok Stadium! 

For more information on the Banners Broker World Tour visit www.thebbtour.com

Info Video - BB World Tour - Manchester

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Friday, Feb 22nd Information session held by Mr. Raj Dixit (Stellar Point Inc. CEO) or Mr. David Hooker (International Compliance and Business Development Director).

Saturday, Feb 23rd 9am-4pm - Executives of both Banners Brokers International and Stellar Point Inc. will be there to take affiliates through training and various other topics.
Following these events will be a Gala Dinner for you to enjoy and celebrate at.

Sunday, Feb 24th Start the day off with a "Day of Information" and a look into the future for the company by Raj Dixit (Stellar Point Inc., CEO) and Chris Smith (Banners Broker International, CEO)

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Banners Broker Online Revenue Invitation

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